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This is my checklist for getting things done

  • Travel Insurance
  • Immunizations
  • Medications – Antibiotics, Malaria prevention
  • Visa (make sure not expiring)
  • Back pack, combination lock, new laptop (maybe), note book – small, pencil/pen, waterproof shoes
  • Financial: Charles Schwab account with at least $2,000, Chase / Capital One credit card
  • Test Run tickets – Buenos Airies –
  • Book a hostel for the above ^
  • Setup Blogs & start posting!

Below is the long term list that needs to be done if the test run is successful 

  • Full Run Tickets  – One Way to Somewhere
  • Book a hostel for the above ^
  • Sell or Rent my house
  • Give away or prepare to take Fauna, the dog
  • Passport card maybe to use for identification
  • Sell Blender, Monitor, Video Card/Motherboard, Car, Desktop ‘Beast’, Kinect
  • Give to Chad the Ugly chair
  • Take parents & family their items as well as my 1 keep sake box.


Argentina entry fee


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