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Mission: Record observed non verbal & cultural communication in different countries.

In my junior year of college I discovered a love for human communication. From interpersonal to organizational to nonverbal and cultural…I loved it all! When you take human communication and combined it with a fascination for behavioral and consumer sciences you’ll gain a whole new lens to watch the world from! People watching will become a completely different experience.

Where once you only saw a man & woman talking you now take on a sixth sense like some crystal ball fortune teller seeing what even they wont consciously realize. Without hearing a word of their conversation you can tell by the way the man is standing he’s attracted to her (his toes will be pointing in her direction). Maybe he’s an alpha male dominate type with his hands on his hips. Showcasing the goods in a classic crotch display and making himself look bigger. A glance her feet will tell you if she’s interested with the toes pointing at him or are those toes pointed elsewhere looking for an escape route.

Loitering in my home town has become a favorite past time for me. When trying to decide what to write a blog this seemed like the perfect topic!  Loitering, watching people, and world wide travel! Three things I have a passion for.


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