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Butterflies! Leap of faith fears

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I blogged previously about my leap of faith in  walking out on my job & landing in Mexico. It turned out awesome! Despite that positive history its still scary to jump again.  I’m 3 months out from my test run and my stomach is full of butterflies. My friends are encouraging and my heart says it is the right move but still I have fears. I’ll have to ask full time travelers if it ever gets easier. That idea of walking into the totally unknown is so frightening! It is an irrational fear.

I have some great safety nets & backup plans on top of amazing friends who will help me out if I need the support. What is this fear that still wants to hold me back? If I could narrow it down I suppose loss aversion. This idea I’m loosing something. In a sense I am loosing my security & job & the safe life I know. All the pays offs are completely unknown! How frightening! Its crazy how these fears will try to hold us back when we know it is the right choice.

Anyway thanks for listening. This was just a little post I wanted to write to voice my fears. No matter how brave I act I’m still scared to take this huge leap. ^_^


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