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Airports & Hub cities

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Nailing down where to go or where to start this world wide journey is a question I keep getting asked. In today’s age the answer could be anywhere!  For a budget traveler starting halfway across the world may be silly. A great starting place is a hub city. You’ll have more fight options out of a hub.

What is this? It is a city where connections are made. In the USA some examples will be JFK, O’Hare in Chicago, San Francisco, CA, Orlando, FL, Washington DC, or Dallas, Texas. You’ll notice when searching for tickets overseas that your smaller airports will likely fly into these where you will then board some giant plane to your final destination. If you are wanting to save some cash you can find a cheap land route to these places then fly from there. The downside is expect more hustle and bustle at the security line due to a larger number of people.

Finding the right hub city is pretty intuitive flights heading to Europe will come more out of the eastern cities like New York while San Francisco & LAX will will head to Asia. Before picking a hub city make sure you google ways to travel to it. Land travel is cheaper if you have the time to spare but make sure you can actually get to the air port. America is notorious for bad public transits in parts of the country.  The older cities like New York & Chicago which were built pre-car have wide spread public trans. If you head to a California city you make have trouble getting where you wanna go on public transit.

Examples of international hubs are Cancun, Mexico, Buenos Aries, Argentina, and Guangzhou, China. Keep these in mind as flight might be cheaper but also travel by land to these places can be worth the trip.

Short: Save money traveling to land to an international hub city.


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