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Quick Post – Financial Trials

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Through some quick resources I’m going to try 3 financial items for traveling.

Checking Account / ATM Cash:
First I signed up for a Charles Schwab bank account. This was recommended for withdrawing cash as the checking account will reimburse your ATM fees. Also there are no foreign transaction fees.

Chase Explorer Card:
I’ve never been a frequent flier and credit card type. Since I might be globe hopping soon it seemed like a gamble to bet on. I purchase my tickets to Buenos Aries in December with a newly opened Chase Explorer Card which is partnered with United Airlines. With the promos & travel I should end up with over 40,000 miles & a $50 credit on my first statement. I’m going to give this card 6 months and see if I put it to use to justify the annual fee, ~$60.

If I can get 1 free plane ticket out of the card above with less than $100 in fees we’ll call it a success.

I’ll report more on these as I start getting in the swing of using them.

Capital One Venture Card:

I haven’t signed up for this one yet but it is highly recommended for travelers. A lot of travel bloggers suggest it. I’m waiting to reap the rewards of the Chase card before signing up for this one. The plan is to take advantage of the promos on chase & see if it really is worth my time. If it is not this is the backup card.


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