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9th & Cherry in Columbia, Missouri USA

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I’ve spent many nights loitering here on Cherry & Ninth with The Bryan. We sit here day after day and night after night with the other gawkers watching the people go by. Loitering has become my favorite past time. This little street in Columbia, Missouri USA is a gem. All types of people pass by here.

Young giggling students come up from college on their nightly drinking trips or some a jogging by getting their fitness. The Asian exchange students often gather around the Lollicup taking pictures and sipping boba tea. Across the street is Main Squeeze the local hippy restaurant next door to International Cafe, a Mediterranean joint owned by a delightful Libyan man. Coffee shops, home made ice cream, and fair trade shops galore oh my!

Sitting here night after night you’ll find some interesting people & gain interesting connections. On this corner there are always musicians playing for free. The older ones will often sit and chat with you when they aren’t performing. In places were there are no front porches old men gather at coffee shops to talk. ^_^

If you are luck you might encounter the owner of Brooklyn pizza handing out his left over slices when closing for the night. Sometimes Trey from Trey’s will make some amazing samples to pass out to the crowd at the 9th Street Summerfest. There is a rough gutter punk who shows up at Kaldis around closing time. He helps take in the patio table and chairs as trade for the old coffee they pitch.


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